Saturday, September 01, 2007


Today is Sean's 4-month birthday! It is so hard to believe that we have a 4 month old, it has gone by so quickly, yet at the same time it is really hard to remember what it felt like before he was here. I was just talking to my friend who is expecting (it is ridiculous by the way how many pregnant women I know right now, 15 or so) and she was asking about the challenges of adapting to life with a baby. It definitely is challenging and different - (I just read on Mandy's blog about not being able to be selfish with your time anymore, that about sums it up) - everything changes, the way you eat, brush your teeth, shower, go out to dinner etc. but it so quickly becomes your new normal and it is great! I love having Sean in our lives. It has made everything so much richer!

Today also represents to me the end of summer, which means cool crisp and sometimes gray days (which I don't mind because I love sweaters & jeans & I grew up here) as well as school starting back up. This marks another challenge for me as I am going back to work part time. I love my job as a teacher and I love my students and what I can provide for them, but I LOVE being with Sean and it is the hardest thing going back to my old job. I am very blessed however to have such great people who are going to be able to take care of Sean while I am working. My mom will do the bulk of it, and dear friends Mandy and Rebekah as well as my dad and Ryan will be covering the rest. This makes leaving so much easier!

Here are a couple of photos of our last days of summer:
Hanging laundry (Sean's diapers) out to dry
Swinging with Grandpa at the cabin
Sunset at the beach
and learning new tricks!


Kristen said...

Katie, it was great to see you today as well! I always love hearing and reading your thoughts about being a mom, and it is inspiring to see you in action with Sean! I can imagine it is difficult to return to work after this sweet season of being home full-time with your son. I will pray for you as you transition back into teaching part-time. So happy to hear that Sean will be well taken care of by friends and family who adore him so much! God bless you guys. Love, Kristen

Mandy said...

I'm so excited to spend time with this little guy! And I'm so proud of you for going back to work- I really respect the fact that you can juggle both (I'm sure I'll be asking advice - like usual- about how to do that when it's my turn :)
Anyways, it was great to see you guys yesterday- you looked great! And of course Sean looked great - he always does!

Rebekah said...

It was so fun to see you guys yesterday, I told Chris how beautiful you looked and how adorable little Sean was in that sweater vest :).
It was such an honor to have Sean last week he is an amazing little guy who is just so alert and wonderful! I am proud of you too for making the step back into work, you are an incredible mother Katie and I look so forward to this next season for your family, many more blessings in store for the Kylers! xo

Jenny said...

Good luck on going back to work...I will be praying for you as I know this will be a rough transition but I'm proud of you for going for it- it's courageous!

Stacey said...

Ryan and Katie -- Will and I finally get to meet Sean in just a little over 3 weeks -- I'm so excited!!!!!!! He is so adorable! Can't wait to see you guys, it's been too long! Love, Stacey

itstooearly said...

great picture with Gordy...does Sean like Nothstar? If not now, I sure he will soon...Simon is already talking about wanting to get behind the boat.