Sunday, September 16, 2007


So Sean is talking more and more all the time. Unfortunately we cannot understand a word he is saying. So if any of you out there speak baby, feel free to let us know what he is talking about. Regardless if you can understand or not it is still pretty dang cute!


Mandy said...

Gosh, I miss this little guy! I think I might need a daily fix or something! What a cutie! He's looking more like Ryan (in that top one especially). Can't wait to see him tomorrow!

etoherrera said...

he is clearly saying:

"hey mom and dad, i know I am the cutest baby around and all, but I guess you can quit the paparazzi thing for a while and check my diapers" :D :D

or something like that...

By the way, he really IS looking cuter everyday. Greetings from me and pao.


Jenny said...

I think in the first one he's saying..."I need to work out this burp..get the camera out of my face" but I also think I heard a "hi dad" in there. In the second one he's saying..."what's this thing I've got in my mouth...oh well, I guess it's attached."

Who knew I was bilingual (oh, my am I spelling that right?)?