Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh Canada

We recently took a trip to visit Ryan's parents as one of their horses as well as Ryan's Aunt & cousin's horse both qualified for the Canada Cup (the biggest quarter-horse race of the season). We had so much fun and wished that we could have stayed longer. Sean is so much more aware of his surroundings than he was last time we went out to see them, so it was fun to watch him interact more and react towards the horses and events. Here are some pictures from our trip, and just a couple cute ones for fun!

KR Check the Hawk took first place in the consolation race, here are a couple pics of Sean and his second cousin Rylan enjoying the winnings

KR Montana Cartel (the horse on the left) took second in the Canada Cup.

These red long-johns were given to Sean by Ryan's parents - that are pretty darn cute and kind of make Sean look like a Dr. Seuss character. Sean loves being upright in this Bumbo seat Chris and Rebekah let us borrow!
The bum-flap is a little hard to button over his bulky diapers . . . .
Something about kids in pjs just makes you smile

Still loving bath-time!


Mandy said...

oh my gosh- I LOVE that picture of him in his long-johns! That's hilarioud! He looks like he's having such a great time!
such a cutie, Kate. I was so glad to see him today.

Jenny said...

he is ridiculously adorable. i love how smiley he is.

Kristen said...

sounds like a fun trip to Canada! and i agree...these photos of Sean are so great! what a happy kid!